How To Stop Panic Attacks - What Are Panic Attacks

A panic attack is one of the most distressing conditions a person can experience. The episode usually lasts for several minutes but can go on for hours. Many times a sufferer will go the emergency room thinking that they are having a heart attack.
If you have ever suffered from a panic or anxiety attack you know the signs to look out for. The main symptoms of panic attacks are feelings of intense anxiety and fear. These feelings can manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms, including a pounding heart, shaking, dizziness, nausea, sweating, chills, shortness of breath, or others. Typically, once you have an attack, you become anxious about having another. The overwhelming concern with having another panic attack is the onset of panic disorder.

Understanding how panic attacks and anxiety are related is one of the first steps in treating panic attacks and stopping panic attacks permanently. While panic attacks can occur anytime and anywhere, in some cases they do occur as a result of specific anxiety.

Stress appears to be a major factor in having panic or anxiety attacks. Many people find that panic attacks start when going through major life changes, such as a marriage, divorce, new addition to the family or making major purchases. Many people can take thes life changes in stride, but some need some help to get over these major hurdles. By working on reducing stress in your life, you can prevent panic attacks from taking control of your life.
If your panic attacks are severe and frequent, and you are unable to stop them on your own, there are medications which your doctor can prescribe to help you reduce the panic attacks. Keep in mind that your body may react to medication differently that someone else. What some people might find helpful may not work for other people. The biggest thing is to not give up, you can stop your panic attacks.

There is a way to stop panic attacks without medication.

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